Thursday, August 03, 2006

It was shocking, really.

It was shocking, really. I had never expected so much. I scoured the fresh pages of my moleskine and raped away their blankness with the scratches and scrawls of terrible description. One word repeated itself: blood, blood, blood, blood. That splotch had winked at me. I was sure it had. I should’ve asked Helga if she thought so, too, but I didn’t even think of the issue until we had walked at last to Akron. It was refreshing that I had to make the last mile to Akron a walk, under my own volition. A step, and another; a dead deer. I thanked it as I walked by. The crackling street lamp. Akron in the distance; too small a city to be awake at this hour.

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une said...

moleskins are liberating