Wednesday, September 07, 2005

God's accidental mistake

This continues the "Silent Rumblings of IT and THEY." I'll continue to post as I write.

Part II

When they didn’t understand, God took pity on them. They had missed the most beautiful event in the time of humanity. (There are others as I shall explain later.) God silently shed a tear and collapsed with an incurable apathy for the fate of humanity and for the first time considered not enduring for all of eternity. God played with the idea greatly interested by the consequences his absence might bring. But God made a mistake. He thought about it too hard and quite accidentally wished himself out of existence. The very same God that had appeared when his first worshipper believed him into being, had disappeared.

After this event the world took notice. The pious devoutly cried, the atheists were proven wrong, and the agnostics continued to sit on the fence. The religious were lost without their protector and the atheists sank into a sullen stupor for so evangelically decrying falsehoods. Houses of worship began to close. A few of the more devout continued their worship to no avail; the emptiness in their hearts and minds created too large a void.

The theologians and philosophers began to debate an enormity of questions. The sociologists rejoiced. God had given them the grandest experiment ever.

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