Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Silent Rumblings of IT and THEY.

Part I

They will never know how it happened. “They?” “it?” How have I already given you two pronouns without their antecedents, without a page prior to this one to attempt to gain a glimmer of what I portend? It’s simple. Let me explain the omnipotent, omniscient “they.” You’ll know exactly who they are, mainly because ... you’re one of them.

It is “they” who truly hold the world’s power. It is they who look down upon outsiders who do not conform to their societal standards. They are immutable. They are absolute. Goodness knows you’re one of them.
And, yet, whenever something goes wrong, it is they who get blamed
“It was their fault. They dropped the ball.”
And they are always telling you what to do.
“You know that’s what they say.”
They are the silent majority, the wise minority, or the reverse of either. It is they who hold the greatest control over our lives and yet they have no idea that they’re them. They are the excuse for generalization, for prejudice, for lies unbeknownst and secrets not kept. They are your boss, your maker, your judge, your guide, your friend, and your undoing.
But don’t try and not become one of them. You don’t want to make them mad or they might come after you.

Now “it” is much harder to explain. It was the final crusade to break down the gates of their Hell. It was an intangible potential – the unreachable promise of tomorrow. As It grew and It progressed, It became a movement unto itself – a pilgrimage for everyone, to be undertaken alone, together. It even succeeded. It had crushed the finite, obliterated the infinite, and left only the thin line between the two.
They knew it had happened. They just didn’t know how.

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