Friday, September 09, 2005


Part III

Jack was by no means a sociologist, but he certainly had a knack for human intuition. He created his own questions, compiled his own thoughts, and decided he was decidedly undecided. His indecision was not a question of ignorance or ineptitude, Jack merely procrastinated all his troubles in the world by meticulously weighing each side of an argument. This indecision was not a crux for Jack, if anything it was his greatest gift and that is exactly why God gave it to him.

Although God had accidentally winked himself (or herself) out of existence, he had prepared for such a moment. An impossibly large intellect continually cycling prethoughts at random was bound to run into trouble sometime. Jack was just such a preparation for this now confirmed unlikelihood.

But there was one problem; Jack’s inability to make to decisions meant God might be gone for a long time, and even if Jack did weigh every side of the argument would he find God to be necessary or beneficent? God’s fate was left in the hands of his creation.

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